Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air Purifier

The cleanest households can still be inhibited by unwanted grime, pet debris, unclean fumes, and/or pollen. No matter how clean and spotless the household feels sometimes particles can still nestle in. An air purifier is a great way to experience a cleaner indoor atmosphere at home. When seeking the best air purifier for smoke or any type of purifier, there are some key elements to be aware of to help decide which to purchase.

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First make sure to read the label of an air purifier before diving right into purchasing it. An air purifier is thoroughly inspected and each rated by Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. The label on an air purifier contains a number. The number ranges from 0-450 which indicates the Clean Air Delivery Rate. The Clean Air Delivery Rate indicates to the customer how quickly the air purifier is able to cleanse and clean the grim, rid the smell of tobacco smoke, and clean up pollen. Therefore, when browsing various air purifiers make sure to take into consideration how high the number is. Also, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers indicates on the label what air purifier is best for a certain amount of square feet.

When thinking of buying an air purifier it is also recommended to read what the label says regarding the capacity it can handle and the amount of square feet. When an air purifier has a higher square feet capacity for the household it will be able to be run at a lower setting. Also, a lower setting will allow it to run more efficient and quieter in the household. Besides considering the information provided on an air purifier label you should also consider the different options available. Each option provides its own ideal benefit for the household. There are several air purifiers each with different capability and features.

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One option is an electronic air purifier. An electronic air purifier uses plates that are charged in order to run. The charged plates are called electrostatic precipitators. This type of air purifier has become a very popular choice. Also, this type of air purifier runs very efficient and does not need replacement of filters. Another option is High-end HEPA air purifiers. This type of air purifier is very efficient for removing debris and other air irritants. Filters for this type of air purifier need to be changed every year which is an additional cost. Another alternative for clean indoor air is to upgrade the HVAC already in your home. By upgrading the MERV equipped with the HVAC system this can help to remove particles in the indoor air. Air purifiers that contain carbon filters help to take in formaldehyde particles. Formaldehyde particles can be found in the carpet and furniture upholstery in the household. This type of air purifier removes perfume smells and greatly makes the indoor air more breathable. This is great for individuals that suffer from asthma.

Air purifiers that contain UV technology are great for getting rid of ultrafine bacteria and bugs in the household. Overall, there are a lot of air purifier options to choose from each with its own beneficial pro for the household. Consumption of electricity in the household is something else to consider when looking to purchase. Buying an air purifier that demands a great power may increase your electricity bill by more than you want. Therefore, consider air purifiers that save you money and are more eco-friendly. Also, consider purchasing an air purifier that does not make much noise in order to run efficiently. Overall, there are several factors to consider when purchasing an air purifier for the household.